Who can claim:

As the goods are delivered to the consignee at the destination the rightful claimant who is entitled to compensation is the consignee mentioned in the railway receipt or to the endorsed consignee that is the person for whom endorsement is made in the Railway Receipt for delivering the same to him. The person who books the goods that is the consignor can also claim but he will have to produce the authority from the consignee to receive the claim.

To Which Railway the Claim is to be made:
Claim for compensation should be made either to -
Booking railway;
Destination Railway;

The Railway on which loss, damage or partial shortage has taken place. However, it is the destination railway, which shall settle the claim. Consequently, if claim is not filed with the destination railway such claim will have to be forwarded by the Railway to the Destination Railway for dealing with it. All claimants, therefore, in their own interest, must make it a point to file their claim with the destination railway only to avoid delay.

Authority with whom claim has to be filed:
Claim has to be filed with either -
General Manager
Chief Commercial Manager
Chief Claims Officer of the concerned railway
At station goods shed or parcel office.
Time Limit for Filing a Claim:

Claim should be filed within 6 months from the date of booking of goods or animals entrusted to the Railway for carriage under Section 106 of the Railways Act. A person shall not be entitled to claim compensation from Railways unless this notice is served by him or on his behalf within this period. Even if the consignment has not arrived within 6 months from the date of booking or if goods are lying in dispute for assessment of damage, waiver of wharfage charges, the consignee must file a claim within six months to save be claim from becoming time-barred.

Documents Required:

In order that a claim is settled promptly it is essential that following documents accompany the claim letter viz.

Railway Receipt with full booking particulars like:-
a) Name of forwarding/destination station.
b) Name of consignor/consignee
c) Number of RR, P.W. Bill or luggage ticket
d) Number of packages
e) Description of consignment
Copy of shortage certificate if given by Railway.
Beejuck or Sale Invoice of goods.